August 15, 2022

Xiaomi’s new smartwatch (M2112W1) receives EEC certification.

Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics manufacturer, is working on a new smartwatch model.
We don’t have all of the details yet, but the model has already been certified.
Xiaomi seems to be preparing its new smartwatch with model M2112W1. This is pointed out by the latest information leaks, which specifically demonstrate certification information. This confirms the preparations for a new model for the international market.

As for the source of this information, it is a user nicknamed “Mukul Sharma” on Twitter, who discovered a new EEC certification codenamed the upcoming model M2112W1. It is this model that should represent the upcoming smart watch, about which we have not had any other information or information leaks so far.
Because of the type of certification given, we also know that this product will be available in a global edition (Eurasian certification).

However, we do not know what type of smart watch it is at this time.
It could, however, be the successor to the popular Xiaomi Mi Watch model.
It could be the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite, but it could also be a whole new and undisclosed model.




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