August 15, 2022

Xiaomi files the trademark for Eezi.

The headline and fresh news -“Xiaomi files the trademark for Eezi.”

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has filed the trademark for Eezi.
In the image you can see that the trademark pattern is written as Eezi. The trade name is the same as the trademark pattern that is eezi. But the international classification is written as 38 types of communication processes.
As for the source of this information, it is a user nicknamed “Mukul Sharma” on Twitter, who discovered Xiaomi files the trademark for Eezi.

It is exactly not cleared what it is for but currently there are various companies with the name EEZI that deal in various products.
As we know nowadays Xiaomi has captured each corner in the tech industry, it releases various kinds of products ranging from smartphones to laptops to smart home products like vacuum cleaners etc.
We don’t have much information about what the product will be but lets wait and see what Xiaomi brings for us , we will keep posting every kind of update related to this product on this website, so stay tuned and in touch with the website.

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