August 10, 2022

The front panel of the alleged Xiaomi 12 Pro has been leaked

A slew of recent rumours hints at a new generation of Xiaomi flagship phones that will, for the first time, forego the old Mi moniker. The majority of these rumours surround the standard “12” or “12 Ultra,” although one of the most recent also suggests the possibility of a “12 Pro.” However, it appears that this fresh leak may not be all-inclusive.

It comprises a render of the rumoured 12 Pro’s front panel, which appears to retain the curvature found on the Mi 11 Pro. It was presented by a Weibo user known as “8090 Digital Beauty” (or so Google Translate believes), who would for their Xiaomi flagships to be free of this design aspect.

The rumoured display also has curved corners, which is consistent with previous renders and rumours about Xiaomi’s next premium smartphones. On the other hand, they were just dismissed emphatically by a Redmi executive.

On the other hand, if this new render is correct, it indicates that Xiaomi has managed to keep the bezels consistent on both sides in this forthcoming generation, whereas the Mi 11 Pro had a chin.
However, it appears that its successor will keep a punch-hole selfie camera rather than something like the Mi Mix 4. It moves from the bottom left corner to the center of this new curved display.
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