August 10, 2022

SEGA and Microsoft Form Next-Generation Development Alliance

Game creation is a time-consuming process, with some gaming businesses and developers preferring to make decisions affecting their releases years in advance. In the instance of Microsoft and SEGA, they’ve just stated their intention to work together on any future gaming innovations. SEGA and Microsoft have formed an “association,” with the goal of combining their talents to benefit both firms with future initiatives.

It’s not uncommon for gaming companies to collaborate to achieve common aims. Nintendo and Microsoft have a solid partnership that benefits many players, such as how Banjo-Kazooie will be included in the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack in the future.

On Sunday, Microsoft and Sega announced a strategic partnership. Sega announced in a press release that the collaboration will allow both companies to begin researching game production using the Microsoft Azure cloud architecture. This collaboration will also help Sega’s previously stated “Super Game” project, which is still years away from completion.

The collaboration entails SEGA connecting with Microsoft and utilizing its cloud-based Microsoft Azure service to aid in the creation of the company’s future titles. According to Windows Central, SEGA “has been a fantastic partner” to Microsoft, and it is looking forward to “developing unique gaming experiences leveraging Microsoft cloud technology” with its new partner.


This agreement comes, oddly, on the heels of reports of a Microsoft acquisition of SEGA. While those claims were debunked, and this relationship is merely to allow SEGA to produce games using Microsoft technologies, for the time being, successful cooperation could lead to more collaborations in the future. What exactly this collaboration will result in will take a few years to unveil, but it should result in some fascinating games from SEGA and Microsoft in the future.

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