August 15, 2022

Samsung to launch 3nm chips in 2022, and 2nm chips in 2025.

Samsung provided an update on what’s coming out of its foundries in the future during its annual Foundry Forum event. To begin, Samsung plans to begin producing 3nm circuits in the first half of 2022, with second-generation 3nm chips following in 2023. Furthermore, it indicated that mass manufacturing of their 2nm process is planned to begin in 2025.

Samsung also gave some insights on its 3nm node which will offer up to 35% smaller size, 30% higher performance, and 50% lower power consumption than its compared to 7LPP (7nm Low Power Plus). At the moment, the logic yield of the 3nm node is comparable to that of the company’s 4nm node, which is already in mass production.

Samsung had expected to begin scale production on 3nm in late 2021 but appears to have misjudged the complexity level associated with downsizing down to such a small technology. The continuous chip shortage caused by the global pandemic didn’t help matters either.

During its keynote address, Samsung also stated that it will continue to invest in its FinFET process technology. Despite the fact that its 14nm FinFET manufacturing node is a few years old, Samsung is continually upgrading it, adding support for 3.3V high voltage or flash-type embedded MRAM, which offers faster write rates and higher density.


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