August 15, 2022

Realme Air Purifier Pro Specifications Leaked

Realme launched the new TechLife Air Purifier earlier this year, ushering it into a new category. The price of the company’s first air purifier in India is Rs 7,999. It claims to eliminate 99.95 percent of 0.3-micron particles and PM2.5 pollution, as well as dust, pollen, and other allergens. With air pollution levels rising across the country, particularly in the north, there is a significant need for air purifiers. Realme appears to be planning the release of another air purifier in India. The TechLife Air Purifier Pro, the next Realme air purifier, has been leaked online.

Realme may soon release the Pro version of their TechLife Air Purifier. The Pro model is projected to cost twice as much as the company’s ordinary air purifier. According to Twitter user @aimsresthraj, the Pro air purifier could be priced at Rs 15,999. This is twice the cost of the ordinary model.

For the cost. The Pro model is claimed to include a slew of new advanced capabilities. For starters, it will have a superior HEPA filter with a longer filtering lifespan of 3500 hours. This is greater than the regular filter’s lifetime of 2800 hours of air cleansing. The new Realme air purifier is rectangular in shape, as opposed to the standard model. It also has a small display on the front that may be used to check the settings or select a specific mode.

The TechLife Air Purifier Pro will also include six distinct settings. Sleep, Soft, Normal, Strong, Auto, and Customise are among them. The air purifier will also include a child lock feature as well as a laser dust sensor.

Users can connect the Pro air purifier to the Realme Link app for full data and readings. The air purifier will be Bluetooth 4.2 compatible and will include a WiFi dual module. The launch date of Realme’s new air purifier has yet to be disclosed. More information will be released in the coming days.

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