August 15, 2022

OnePlus Nord 2 blasted again !!

OnePlus appears to be having issues with its OnePlus Nord 2 5G smartphone. Soon after a Delhi-based lawyer’s OnePlus Nord 2 5G exploded in his pocket, a case in Delhi surfaced in which a user’s OnePlus Nord 2 5G allegedly exploded when it was in his pocket. The individual detailed the encounter in a Twitter thread. OnePlus has responded to the situation by inviting the user to direct message him on Twitter.

Twitter user wrote, “@OnePlus_IN Never expected this from you #OnePlusNord2Blast see what your product have done. Please be prepared for the consequences. Stop playing with peoples life. Because of you that boy is suffering contact asap.”

You can see in the images that the incident is quite serious and the boy has also got injuries on his thigh as the phone was in his pocket. The tipster who shared this incident wrote, This is soo Horrible Flushed face… OnePlus Nord 2 Blasted again !! We can say this is a Portable Bomb BombCollision symbol. Those who are saying OnePlus Nord 2 blast cases are fake, this is certainly not !!

Earlier also news came that a case has emerged in Kerala where a user’s OnePlus Nord 2 5G charger allegedly exploded when it was connected to a socket.

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