August 15, 2022

OnePlus Life Trademark Filed In India By OnePlus

Recent info has revealed that OnePlus has registered a new trademark in India called “OnePlus Life”. Our guess is that it will be very much similar to Realme Techlife.

 "OnePlus Life"

Earlier, Realme launched an advanced intelligent vacuum cleaner under the trademark of Realme Techlife that runs with LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology. Realme Techlife products mainly comprise smart home products and the same is to be expected from OnePlus life.

Realme is conducting an event tomorrow and they are expected to launch Air purifiers, Handheld Vaccum Cleaners, and robot vacuums with features such as wireless usability.

The registration of Oneplus Life by Oneplus one day prior to the Realme Event set to launch smart home products clearly indicates that Oneplus may soon launch a whole range of smart home products.

Our guess is that OnePlus will enter the smart home products market in India under the trademark of OnePlus Life. We can hope for a lot of smart home products from Oneplus further in the future.

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