August 10, 2022

New Sony Xperia phone mystery to be unveiled on October 26

In a Twitter post published on Tuesday, the company revealed the date and time of the launch but shared few other details. Although the teaser image is reminiscent of light falling on a camera lens, it arguably presents more questions than answers.
A new Xperia product announcement is scheduled for October 26, which is a Tuesday two weeks from now. What will Sony reveal? The Xperia branding is plainly visible on the phone.

The company revealed the date and time of the launch in a Twitter message on Tuesday, but provided little additional specifics. Although the teaser image is similar to light falling on a camera lens, it certainly raises more questions than it answers.

Significantly, Sony announced the Xperia 1 III, Xperia 5 III, and Xperia 10 III in April, with the Xperia 10 III following soon after. For the previous few release cycles, these three smartphones have made up the majority of Sony’s smartphone lineup. If this is a new smartphone launch, it might be part of a new series. Of course, there’s no guarantee that this Xperia product will even be a smartphone.

As a result, we’re left scratching our brains. We combed through previous stories on Sony’s mobile division, but there are no speculations of new phones. The corporation is preoccupied with the PlayStation, headphones, mirrorless cameras, and so on, but there is no mention of a new phone.

Either way, the company will satisfy our curiosity at its October 26 event, scheduled for a 12 AM JST (11 PM ET) start. So let’s wait for the day and see what Sony brings for us.

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