August 10, 2022

Motorola Wireless 4K Adapter Spotted on FCC certification

Motorola is gradually broadening its product portfolio in India. In India, the firm is known for delivering a wide range of smartphones at various pricing points. Motorola has recently expanded into new product categories such as smart TVs and wearables. The corporation may now be preparing to unveil a new streaming device in India.
The FVCC certification website has revealed the existence of a Motorola 4K dongle. The listing and paperwork reveal some important data about Motorola’s next gadget. It also contains photographs of the 4K converter that show the design from various angles. Let’s have a look at the graphics, features, and other information given by the FCC listing for the Motorola Wireless 4K adaptor.

Motorola Wireless 4K adaptor could be available soon. The FCC certification website now lists the device, showing the design. According to the photos, the Motorola adapter has a spherical shape with ports on either side. On one side, there is an HDMI port for connecting to a TV/monitor. The spherical device’s other side houses a USB Type-C port with a 10W power source.

The photographs also show that the wireless adapter features a power button next to the USB Type-C port. The Motorola logo sits at the top, and next to it is an LED indicator that lights up when the device is connected.

This concludes our investigation of the Motorola 4K adaptor. There is no official news on a release date as of yet. More information will be provided as it becomes available.


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