August 10, 2022

iPhone 14 could get new 2TB storage option

According to MyDrivers, Apple may quadruple the top-tier storage choice for the 2022 iPhone (not yet rated).
Apple is said to be switching from TLC to QLC flash memory, despite the fact that “QLC performance and reliability are not as good as TLC flash storage” in the iPhone.
However, Jon Prosser (74.6 percent accurate) recently dismissed this notion and believes that we will not see 2TB next year.
MyDrivers has a despicable track record and we just got 1TB this year but lets see what we get and how much this rumour turns true.

As far as the source of this news is concerned, it is a twitter handle with username @appltrack which tweeted “iPhone 14 could get new 2TB storage option” along with a link that heads to its website.

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