August 10, 2022

iPhone 13 Pro Hacked In Just 1 Second Through Vulnerabilities In iOS 15 Kernel And Safari

During the Tianfu Cup, an international cyber security competition, Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro was jailbroken remotely in 1 second by Qi’an Pangu, a white hat hacker from Pangu lab. Because of the exploit used in the remote jailbreak, the victim only needed to click on a link in Safari to give the hacker complete control over their iPhone 13.

This 1-second remote jailbreak hack for iPhone 13 won $300,000 in prize money, and it was also the first public jailbreak demo for Apple’s newest iPhones.

To carry out a successful attack, the remote jailbreak exploited various security flaws in Safari, the iOS 15 kernel, and the iOS 15 chip, allowing it to overcome many layers of security protection. The hacker gains access to every data on the victim’s iPhone 13 Pro after the jailbreak is activated, including images, messages, and apps. The most terrifying aspect of the assault is that it only takes a second to tap on a link in Safari, and the rest of the procedure is absolutely silent and unseen to the victim.
After jailbreaking the iPhone, the hacker had easy access to all of the user’s information. The white hat hacker gained access to the device’s photo albums and apps. It was also possible to remotely remove the data.

Apple sells the iPhone with the promise of maximum privacy and security. The latest iPhone 13 models take things a step further by including the latest iOS 15 software. However, a white hat hacker in China has demonstrated that iPhones, even the current iPhone 13 series, are just as vulnerable to assaults as Android rivals. In 1 second, the iPhone 13 Pro was hacked!
If Apple claims their phone is Most Secured & this is happening, then what about Other Brands !?


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