August 10, 2022

Rumors Suggest GTA 6 Might Be Revealed In November, To Feature a 3x Bigger Map Than GTA 5

If you are a gaming lover, of course, you have heard of Grand theft auto and it’s probably one of your favorite games, so once again some news about the franchise game has come up to make fans excited for the game.

As there is no official statement from Rockstar that has been released so we can assume that it’s probably a rumor. The leak is from Tom Henderson maybe some of you know him from the past gaming updates he has given many leaks about the game before.

According to some reports the game is in development and we can expect it to be three times bigger than the GTA 5, and you are going to see many new features. For starters, you’ll get to play with a female protagonist for the first time in this franchise and as always there is a male protagonist too, And you can buy and use cryptocurrencies in the game this time, which I feel is a great detail according to the trend but how will the crypto market go in games that’s up to Rockstar.

As past Rockstar has a pattern of releasing games in September, October, and November so these months are very crucial for any upcoming news. Don’t forget one thing whenever Rockstar announces a game, it comes after almost 2-3 years, and the game is still in development there are many more features to add so it could take even more time than 2-3 years easily.Follow Technozix on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Subscribe to for latest Tech News.

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