June 28, 2022
Google Pixel 6 Unboxing

Google Pixel 6 Unboxing Video Leaked, No In-Box Charging Adapter

Google Pixel 6 series is all set to launch on 19th October. Most of the information regarding the upcoming Pixel 6 series has already been leaked in the past few days.

A lot of people were speculating whether Google will offer an in-box charging adapter or not and finally a recent leaked video showing the unboxing of the upcoming Google Pixel 6 has confirmed that Google has decided to not offer a charging adapter inside the box with upcoming Google Pixel phones.

There is a USB-C to USB-C cable and a data transfer connector. Surprisingly, the Pixel 6 screen comes with a paper-style screen covering similar to Apple.

The leaked unboxing video of Google Pixel 6 can be seen attached below:

Google need to learn how to keep things private. All the excitement regarding the upcoming event has now gone to drain meanwhile none of the leaks regarding the tomorrow’s Apple event have been confirmed yet, They sure know how to build excitement and avoid leaks.

Apple started providing smartphones without the charging adapter and faced a lot of criticism at first but soon Samsung followed and now Google too.

Google Pixel 6 Unboxing


The above picture is a frame from the leaked unboxing video.

You can see that there is no charging adapter inside the box.

What is your take on this?

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