June 27, 2022

Google Intel Jasper Lake Chromebook visits the Google Play Console listing

There will be a slew of Jasper Lake Chromebooks available in the second half of 2021. Now that we’ve spent some time with a handful of these Jasper Lake Chromebooks, it’s reasonable to say that this latest technology provides a significant performance bump for low-cost Chromebooks. The days of terribly slow Chromebooks in the $300 range are long gone, and we can now expect decent performance from even the most basic, entry-level small-core Intel CPUs in new Chromebooks. This is fantastic news for both students and consumers.
Also, the important news is that Google Intel Jasper Lake Chromebook visits the Google Play Console listing.

Intel is almost certainly working on a Jasper Lake successor, and new Chromebooks with those chips will almost certainly begin development as 2021 comes to a close. To make place for the next generation, we must first get the present generation into the market and available for users to enjoy. If our early predictions are true, this will be a significant boost for the low-cost Chromebook market in the future.

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