August 15, 2022

Alleged M1X Macbook Pro Leak Shows Notch And Bezel Less Display

Apple’s Macbook lineup has come a long way and we have seen people shifting from Windows PC/Laptop towards Macbook and the reason is obvious and that is Innovation. When Apple announced the M1 series of Macbook, everyone just fell in love with it. The chipset was designed by Apple and it was way more powerful and faster than what Apple used to have.

After M1 Macbook, users were waiting eagerly for the next-gen M1 update and we all knew that the next Macbook Air and Macbook Pro gonna have that upgraded version of M1 and just now we got some leak about the latest Macbook Pro having an M1X chipset.

The upcoming Macbook Pro is not only upgraded in terms of hardware but also in terms of looks, Apple’s typical Macbook Pro look was getting old and users were demanding the upgrade and now it looks like we gonna get something big this time.

Recently we got the information about the alleged M1X Macbook Pro design and now it looks like Apple has so much to offer. Thanks to AnyTurtle999 for sharing this highly informative leak. Check out the below and see how Macbook’s new almost bezel-less display is looking.

The new Macbook Pro also has a small notch just like we get in iPhones and obviously the lesser Bezels. However, there is no face id in the notch, the notch is having a normal 1080p front camera that can be used for meetings on Skype and Zoom.

After seeing this image I have become so excited to see the complete image of the upcoming Macbook Pro. Well, let’s see maybe in future we would get more information regarding this new Apple M1x Macbook Pro. So, till then you can check out more of our latest news to stay up to date.Follow Technozix on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Subscribe to for latest Tech News.

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