August 10, 2022

A new Redmi phone with model number 2201116SG Spotted on IMEI Data Base

Xiaomi is really going ahead in the smartphone game, in the last few weeks we have seen a lot of leaks related to upcoming Xiaomi smartphones and just now we spotted another Xiaomi’s Redmi phone on the IMEI database with the model number 2201116SG.

This is the global variant that we spotted and there are high chances that this is going to be another budget smartphone by Xiaomi.

The device just got listed today on the IMEI database, you can check out the below image for reference.

However, there is no other information available about this device, as of now we only have the model number of the device. Information like specs and the device’s actual name is still undiscovered but don’t worry as soon as we get any more information then we gonna update it here.

But according to our sources, the device is not a flagship one, it is going to be another budget smartphone that will compete directly with budget smartphones of brands like Realme, Vivo, Oppo, etc.

Now I wanna know your guesses about this mysterious Redmi phone by Xiaomi. So, that’s it for this time, we will catch you later.

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