August 15, 2022

Mi 20W Wireless Car Charger Coming to India!

In 2020 Mi released a wireless charger in China but it was not sure that it would be launched in India anytime soon, but now reports have revealed that it can launch in India. So, Xiaomi’s latest product is not a smartphone or a TV but a wireless charger.

The wireless charger delivers a maximum output of 20W.
The Mi Wireless Charger comes enclosed in an aluminum alloy case and has a bunch of protective features like short circuit protection, power protection, temperature protection, and over-voltage protection. There’s also built-in protection for foreign objects and high surface temperature with a temperature limit of up to 40-degree Celsius.

You can charge your mobile without removing its case with this wireless charger, thanks to its charging distance of up to 4mm.
It Electrically adjusts the grip when your drive starts and automatically grips and begins charging as soon as it touches your phone.
Comes with a hidden infrared sensor and an electrically adjustable grip that automatically opens and holds the approaching phone.
Secures your phone on bumpy roads, over speed bumps, or when you brake sharply.
Step-less adjustment and universal rotation, putting your phone in whatever position you like.

As for the source of this information, it is a user nicknamed “Paras Guglani” on Twitter, who discovered that Mi 20W Wireless Car Charger Coming to India! Approved / Xiaomi wireless car charger.


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